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Thank You for visiting my website. If you have seen me perform and are enquiring to see if I could perform at your event I must apologise I have decided to take on no more magical jobs in the future, I have never been a full time Pro I just used the opportunity to test out my inventions. However there are some jobs I do on a regular basis which I will still carry on with.

I am still happy to talk to anyone who has bought my products and need advice or share ideas but I do not intend to release any more products. My intention is to only bring my ideas to the world through "Real Underground Magic" on this site

Real Underground Magic

My new project is born from being disillusioned with the "Magic Business."   When I started out in magic, professional tricks and routines could only be obtained from secretive little shops, backrooms and by word of mouth. This made the magic world an interesting and mysterious place. The people in charge of this world would only allow you small amounts of knowledge at a time. Only when you had shown the required skill and dedication could you move on to better magic. This made for a proper magical apprenticeship, with attention given to showmanship, misdirection, audience management, character and timing. It is my intention to try to bring some of this back to the world of magic.

Over the years I have brought quite a few magic products to market: some successful and some not so. To have items manufactured in the way you want is costly and sometimes not economical in small quantities (which is what the magic world is), so you end up compromising on quality. Nowadays the magic consumer expects quality props with a full studio produced and professionally packaged DVD.
I must admit when you receive a new trick through the post and it looks great, with slick advertising, you think it's going to be great and quite often - it isn't. However just think of all those professional magicians who have some great tricks that they are willing to share but don't want all that hassle for not a lot of return. Many magicians think that their work deserves more than just being on a 12 year old's birthday or Christmas list along with the latest video game.

So that's what "Real Underground Magic" is all about.  I have a whole host of magic which could be taken and developed for the magic market but I intend to give it away FREE. However, there is a catch. I will publish a performance of the tricks with a synopsis of exactly what the effect is. These I intend to put on this site, , Youtube and Facebook. I will then film an in-depth explanation of the tricks and post a password protected explanation on this site on the explanation page.I will give the password to 20 or 30 magicians who I feel will appreciate the magic and see the value. It is then up to them to either keep it to themselves or give it to who they think would appreciate it. These items will not be for sale and hopefully bring some of the mystery back to our art.  


Jim Critchlow Any Card At Any Number

A true any card at any number, in a shuffled deck which has been sealed in brown paper, in a plastic seals box then the deck has a shoe lace woven through it. Oh yes and the cards are numbered in pen on the back.

An unbelievable method


Jim Critchlow Coins to Goldfish

Gold coins are dropped in to a globe of water and turn in to 4 Goldfish

An absolute pleasure to use